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On this page, there will be quizzes levels 1 through 6. Start on the level that you think is the best for you! A challenge is always great. If you're stuck, you can reread a page or just guess. Click on one of the blue links to see if you are right or wrong. The answers are all on my website.

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#1 A leopard usually carries it's food to a ( ) to eat it there.

What do you think goes in the ( ) to make the sentence correct?

A. tree

B. rock

C. hill

D. shade

#2 Choose something that leopards do NOT eat .

A. Fish

B. Rodents

C. Birds

D. Berries

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#1 True or False?

All leopards are endangered.

#2 About how long is an Indian leopard's tail?

1 foot 2 feet 3 feet 4 feet

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#1 Do you think leopards usually live together as a group (not including baby leopards with a mother) ?

Yes No

#2 Where does the Javan leopard live?

Island of Java




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#1 Which kind of leopard is more rare? The Amur or the Javan?

1. Amur 2. Javan

#2 What is the Snow leopard's PRIMARY prey?

Wild sheep & wild goats

Wild rabbits & wild birds

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#1 When did the Anatolian Leopard become extinct?

1973 1899 1974 1964

#2 Why do leopards try to avoid killing crocodiles, chimpanzees, and gorillas?

1.They are faster 2.They are friends 3.They are harder to catch

4.They use loud noises to scare the leopards away

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#1 What is not a name of the Amur leopard?

1. Far East leopard 2.Manchurian leopard 3. Korean leopard 4. Far West leopard

#2 What is the fastest kind of leopard and how fast can it run?

The Indian leopard at 64 mph

The Persian leopard at 54 mph

The Snow leopard at 74 mph

The Clouded leopard at 64 mph